Hong, Yee Shiun Ryan
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Hong, Yee Shiun Ryan

Assistant Professor

Director, Graduate Studies (Non-Clinical)

Ph.D. (Western Ontario), M.Soc.Sci. (NUS), B.Soc.Sci. (NUS)

My research interests lie predominantly in the areas of personality, psychopathology, assessment of individual differences, and in the interface among these areas. In the personality domain, I am broadly interested in the expressions and consequences of personality in people's lives (e.g., performance, subjective well-being, health outcomes).
My general interest in psychopathology entails elucidating etiologic processes implicated in the development of certain forms of psychopathology (e.g., depression, anxiety, substance abuse), especially from a personality perspective. My current research focus constitutes exploring relations between dispositional trait structure (e.g., the Big Five) and social-cognitive processes (e.g., depressogenic inferential style, ruminative style, anxiety sensitivity, poor self-control/regulation) and their combined effects on psychopathology.

Research Interests:
  • Personality and psychopathology
  • Dispositional-trait and social-cognitive perspectives of personality
  • Personality vulnerabilities to mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • Hong, R. Y., & Paunonen, S. V. (2011).
    Personality vulnerabilities to psychopathology: Relations between trait structure and affective-cognitive processes.
    Journal of Personality, 79, 527-562.
  • Hong, R. Y., & Paunonen, S. V. (2009).
    Personality traits and health-risk behaviors in university students.
    European Journal of Personality, 23, 675-696.
  • Hong, R. Y., Triyono, W., & Ong, P. S. (2013).
    When being discrepant from one’s ideal or ought selves hurts: The moderating role of neuroticism.
    European Journal of Personality, 27, 256-270
  • Hong, R. Y. (in press).
    From dispositional traits to psychopathological symptoms: Social-cognitive vulnerabilities as intervening mechanisms.
    Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment.