Magiati, Iliana
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Magiati, Iliana

Assistant Professor

D.Clin.Psy. (London), Ph.D. (London), M.Sc. (London), B.Sc. (London), B.Sc. (Athens)

Iliana is a chartered clinical psychologist. She completed her doctoral training in clinical psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London. Prior to her clinical training, she completed a Ph.D. at St George's Hospital Medical School in early interventions for children with autism. She has worked as a research Psychologist in academic/ research settings with Prof. Howlin (IOP, UK) and Prof. Charman (IOE, UK) and as a clinical psychologist within multidisciplinary child development/ child psychology teams in the UK National Health Service (NHS). She has specific knowledge of and experience in the assessment, diagnosis and intervention of children and young people with ASD and other developmental and learning difficulties and in working with children and families. She is currently working on a number of research projects on screening and diagnosis of ASD; autistic traits and their relationship with anxiety difficulties; parental perspectives on the presentation and impact of anxiety in individuals with ASD; long term outcomes in individuals with ASD; anxiety and depression in school-aged Singaporean children. She is a member of the NUS Clinical Psychology Faculty and supervises postgraduate clinical psychology interns on their clinical placements. She is also the research co-ordinator of the NUS and NUS-UM clinical psychology programmes.

Research Interests:
  • Phenomenology, measurement/ assessment, conceptualization of and interventions for comorbid psychopathology in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), with a focus on anxiety
  • Autistic traits in unselected populations; early predictors of autistic traits and the relationship between autistic traits and other psychopathology traits/ symptoms (i.e. anxiety, externalizing problems)
  • Screening, diagnosis & family adjustment in ASD
  • Outcomes of interventions for children and long-term outcomes of individuals with ASD in adulthood and factors predicting or mediating these outcomes
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • Magiati, I., Ong, C., Lim, X.Y., Tan, J.W-L., Ong, A.Y.L., Patrycia, F., Fung, D.S.S., Sung, M., Poon, K.K., & Howlin, P. (2016).
    Anxiety symptoms in young people with autism spectrum disorder attending special schools: associations with gender, adaptive functioning and autism symptomatology.
    Autism: the International Journal of Research and Practice, 20(3), 306-320.
  • Liew, S.M., Thevaraja, N., Hong, R., & Magiati, I. (2015).
    The relationship between autistic traits and social anxiety, worry, obsessive-compulsive and depressive symptoms in a student sample: specific and shared mediators in a student sample.
    Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 45(3). 858-872.
  • Magiati. I. , D. A. Goh , S. J. Lim , D. Z. Q. Gan , J. C. L. Leong , C. Allison , S. Baron-Cohen, A. Rifkin-Graboi , B F P. Broekman, S-M. Saw, Y-S. Chong, K. Kwek, P. D. Gluckman, S. B. Lim, M. J. Meaney and on behalf of the GUSTO working group (2015).
    The psychometric properties of the Quantitative Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (Q-CHAT) as a measure of autistic traits in a community sample of Singaporean infants and toddlers.
    Molecular Autism, 6:40, 1-14.