Cheung, Wai Leung Mike
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Cheung, Wai Leung Mike

Associate Professor

Level-4000 Module Coordinator

Ph.D. (CUHK), M.Phil. (CUHK), B.S.Sc. (CUHK)

My research areas are quantitative methods and their applications in psychological research. Specifically, I am interested in structural equation modeling, meta-analysis and multilevel models.

Research Interests:
  • Quantitative methods
  • Cross-cultural research methodology
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • Cheung, M.W.L. (2010).
    Fixed-effects meta-analyses as multiple-group structural equation models.
    Structural Equation Modeling, 17, 481-509.
  • Cheung, M.W.L. (2009).
    Constructing approximate confidence intervals for parameters with structural equation models.
    Structural Equation Modeling, 16, 267-294.
  • Cheung, M.W.L. (2008).
    A model for integrating fixed-, random-, and mixed-effects meta-analyses into structural equation modeling.
    Psychological Methods, 13, 182-202.