Ponniah, Kathryn
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Ponniah, Kathryn

Assistant Professor

D.Clin.Psy. (London), M.Sc. (Bristol), B.Sc. (Bristol)

Dr. Kathryn Ponniah is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist. She trained at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London where she had specialist clinical placements in eating disorders, and anxiety disorders and trauma. Since qualifying, she has worked at the New York State Psychiatric Institute for the Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene and subsequently for Columbia University. She then returned to the UK and worked as a Clinical Psychologist for a primary care mental health team in the National Health Service.

Research Interests:
  • Trauma
  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Cognitive behavioral conceptualization and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders
  • Empirically supported psychological therapies
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • Hollon, S.D. & Ponniah, K. (2010).
    A review of empirically supported psychological therapies for mood disorders in adults.
    Depression and Anxiety, 27, 891-932.
  • Ponniah, K. & Hollon, S.D. (2009).
    Empirically supported psychological treatments for adult acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder: A review.
    Depression and Anxiety, 26, 1086-1109.
  • Weissman, M.M., Verdeli, H., Gameroff, M.J., Bledsoe, S.E., Betts, K., Mufson, L., Fitterling, H., & Wickramaratne, P. (2006).
    A National Survey of Psychotherapy Training In Psychiatry, Psychology, and Social Work.
    Archives of General Psychiatry, 63, 925-934.