Rickard Liow, Susan J.
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Rickard Liow, Susan J.

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (London), B.Sc. (Hons.) (London), Dip.Clin.Psych. (BPS), C.Psychol

My main research interest is language processing, especially the reading and spelling skills of Malay-English and Mandarin-English speaking bilingual children and adults. I hold a split-post as Director for the M.Sc. (Speech and Language Pathology) Programme in the YLL School of Medicine (, where I supervise clinical research and evidence-based practice with people who have acquired language impairments as a result of head injury, stroke or dementia. I am also working with kindergarten teachers and speech-language pathologists to develop assessment and intervention tools that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for the local population.

Research Interests:
  • Normal and abnormal reading and spelling skill development
  • Case-studies of bilingual adults with dysphasia (NUS-VISA funded)
  • Identifying language disorders in bilingual kindergarten children (PCF funded)
  • Spelling development in children with cleft palate or Down's syndrome
  • Application of cognitive neuropsychology to dementia
  • Writing systems (Malay and Chinese) and cross-linguistic comparisons with English
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • Sze, W.P. & Rickard Liow, S.J. (2011).
    Influence of L1 morphophonemics on L2 processing: Evidence from English Second Language Learners.
    Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 14 (3), pp 423-432.
  • Jalil, S. & Rickard Liow, S.J., & Tng, S.K. (2011).
    Semantic Assessment Battery for Malay-speaking Adults with Dysphasia.
    Aphasiology, 25, (4) pp. 415-433.
  • Yeong, H.-M., S. & Rickard Liow, S.J. (2011).
    Predictors of Early Spelling Development in English: Comparison of English-L1 and Mandarin-L1 Bilingual Children.
    Journal of Educational Psychology, 103 (2), pp. 470-488.