Leher Singh
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Leher Singh

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Brown), B.A. (Bryn Mawr College)

My research examines the role of variability on early spoken word recognition and word learning in infants, as well as infant predictors of childhood language abilities. I also conduct research on the relationship between multilingualism on cognitive and language development.

Research Interests:
  • Infant speech processing
  • Early vocabulary development
  • Tone language acquisition
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • Singh, L. & Foong, J. (2012).
    Influences of Lexical Tone and Pitch on Word Recognition in Bilingual Infants.
    Cognition. 124 (2), 128-142.
  • Singh, L., Reznick, J.S. & Liang, X. (2012).
    Infant Word Segmentation and Childhood Vocabulary Development: A Longitudinal Analysis.
    Developmental Science, 15 (4), 482-495.
  • Singh, L. (2008).
    Influences of High and Low Variability on Infant Word Recognition.
    Cognition. 106(2):833-70