Tan, Seok Hui
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Tan, Seok Hui

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (Reading), B.A. (Joint Hons.) (Reading)

My research interests are in cognitive and language development in infancy and early childhood. I am interested in speech perception and language processing in adults and young children, as well as early language development in infants and toddlers particularly in the context of languages spoken in Singapore.

Research Interests:
  • Child development
  • Infant language
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • Mareschal, D., & Tan, S. H. (2007)
    Flexible and context-dependent categorization by 18-month-olds.
    Child Development, 78, 19-37.
  • Tan, S. H. & Schafer, G. (2005)
    Toddlers' novel word learning: Effects of phonological representation, vocabulary size, and parents' ostensive behaviour.
    First Language, 25, 131-155.4.