Tang, So-Kum Catherine
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Tang, So-Kum Catherine


Chair, Department Ethics Review Committee

Ph.D, MS, BA. (North Texas, USA), LLB (U of London, UK)

Professor Catherine So-kum Tang obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of North Texas, USA and LLB at the University of London, UK. She has been a Professor in the Department of Psychology and Director of Graduate Studies in Clinical Psychology, Postgraduate Degree Programs in Trauma Psychology, Gender Research Program, and Gender Studies Program in the Chinese University of Hong Kong until 2007. Currently, she is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore. Professor Tang was the past Chairperson of the Division of Clinical Psychology, a Fellow of the Hong Kong Psychological Society, and one of the founding members of the Asian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. She also serves as the Associate Editor for Asian Journal of Social Psychology and a member of the Editorial Board for Sex Roles: A Journal of Research and Applied Psychology: Health & Well-Being.

Professor Tang is an active researcher with over 300 peer-reviewed academic publications, book chapters, and conference presentations on violence against women (rape, sexual harassment, and child sexual abuse), family violence (child abuse, wife abuse, and elder abuse), women's health, clinical aspects of social issues, health psychology, psychotherapy treatment outcome, and trauma psychology.

Research Interests:
  • Violence against women (rape, sexual harassment, and child sexual abuse)
  • Family violence (child abuse, wife abuse, and elder abuse)
  • Addictive behavior and health psychology
  • Women's health
  • Trauma psychology
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • [ full list with abstracts at ]
  • Tang, C., Lai, B., & Chung, T. (2010).
    Influence of mastery, spousal support, and adaptive coping on sexual drives and satisfaction among Chinese gynecologic cancer survivors.
    Archives of Sexual Behavior.
  • Tang, C., & Wu, A. (2010).
    Direct and indirect influences of fate control belief, gambling expectancy bias, and self-efficacy on problem gambling and negative mood among Chinese college students: A multiple mediation analysis.
    Journal of Gambling Studies.
  • Tang, C., Wong, W., Leung, P., Chen, W., Lee, A., & Ling D. (2010).
    The role of parental physical abuse, school experience, and social support in influencing the practice of health compromising behaviors among adolescents in urban China.
    Journal of Health Psychology.