Tong, Mun Wai Eddie
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Tong, Mun Wai Eddie

Associate Professor

Level-3000 Module Coordinator (Lab, IRP and UROP Modules)

USP ISM Coordinator

Ph.D. (Michigan), M.S. (Michigan, NUS), B.A. (NUS)

I have two research areas. The first concerns social-cognitive processes associated with emotion. Most of my research is based on appraisal theories of emotion. I am also interested more broadly in the cognitive processes and behavioral outcomes associated with specific emotions. The second concerns religion-related processes. Here, I examine the effects of religious primes and also religious attributes such as humility.

Research Interests:
  • Appraisals and emotions
  • Social-cognitive processes associated with emotions
  • Positive emotions
  • Personality correlates of emotional experiences
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • Tong, E. M. W., Tan, D. H., & Tan, Y. L. (in press).
    Can implicit appraisal concepts produce emotion-specific effects? A focus on unfairness and anger.
    Consciousness and Cognition.
  • Tong, E. M. W., & Yang, Z. Y. (2011).
    Moral hypocrisy: Of proud and grateful people.
    Social Psychological and Personality Science, 2, 159-165.
  • Tong, E. M. W., Bishop, G. D., Enklemann, H. C., Why, Y. P., Diong, S. M., Khader, M. A. & Ang, J. C. H. (2007).
    Emotion and appraisal: A study using ecological momentary assessment.
    Cognition and Emotion, 21, 1361-1381.