Tsai, Fen-Fang
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Tsai, Fen-Fang

Visiting Senior Fellow

Deputy Director, Undergraduate Studies

Level-2000 Module Coordinator

Advisor for Student Society

Ph.D. (Rochester), M.S. (Rochester), M.S. (National Taiwan Univ.), B.S. (National Taiwan Univ.)

My research interests include: 1) how the individual decides whether to express his/her emotions or not to other people around him/her, 2) regret and ambivalence over emotional expressiveness, 3) adult attachment in close relationships, and 4) how information is shared and relayed within triads and how that affects the individual who receives the second-hand information.

Research Interests:
  • Information relay within triads
  • Emotion and adult attachment
  • Positive emotions
  • Close relationships
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • Zuckerman, M., & Tsai, F. (2005).
    Costs of Self-Handicapping.
    Journal of Personality, 73, 411-442.
  • Reis, H. T., Capobianco, A., & Tsai, F. (2002).
    Finding the person in personal relationships.
    Journal of Personality, 70, 813-850.
  • Carmichael, C., Tsai, F., Smith, S. Caprariello, P. & Reis, H.T. (2007).
    The self and intimate relationships.
    In C. Sedikides & S. Spencer (Eds.) The Self.
    New York, NY: Psychology Press.