Vijayakumar, Ranjith
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  • ROOM: AS4-02-07D
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Vijayakumar, Ranjith

Teaching Assistant

M.Soc.Sci. (Psychology) (NUS)

Research Interests:
  • Emotion and social decision-making
  • Group and self-identity, morality and the discourses of power
  • The study of evolutionary paradigms of animal and human behaviour
  • Research methodology
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • Schirmer, A., The K. S., Wang, S., Vijayakumar, R., Ching A., Nithianantham, D., Escoffier, N., Cheok A. D. (2011).
    Squeeze Me, But Don't Tease Me: Human and Mechanical Touch Enhance Visual Attention and Emotion Discrimination.
    Social Neuroscience, 6 (3), 219-230.