Wong, Shi Hui Sarah
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Wong, Shi Hui Sarah

Teaching Assistant

Research Publicity Coordinator

MA (Dist.) (Sheffield), B.Soc.Sci. (Hons.) (NUS), LTCL (UK), ATCL (UK), DipABRSM (UK)

I received the B.Soc.Sci. (Hons.) degree in Psychology from the National University of Singapore, and subsequently earned an MA (with Distinction) in Music Psychology in Education from the University of Sheffield.

My current research interests lie in the areas of educational and music psychology. In particular, I am interested in investigating cognitive techniques that foster higher-order learning outcomes such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. As a musician, I also have an enduring fascination with exploring how psychological principles can be applied to shed light on music perception and enhance musical learning. More broadly, I seek to understand the optimal conditions that allow individuals to flourish and thrive in and beyond the classroom.

Research Interests:
  • Cognitive psychology in education
  • Music perception, cognition, and education
  • Applied positive psychology
Recent/ Representative Publications:
  • Wong, S. S. H., Lim, S. W. H., & Quinlan, K. M. (2016).
    Integrity in and beyond contemporary higher education: What does it mean to university students?
    Frontiers in Psychology: Educational Psychology, 7:1094.
  • Lee, L. N., Wong, S. S. H., & Lim, S. W. H. (2015).
    Empowering psychology teaching assistants through a symposium.
    CDTL Brief, 18(1), 2-12.
  • Tan, N. J. H., Wong, S. S. H., & Lim, S. W. H. (2013).
    What we move to moves us: Biological rhythmicity predicts musical preferences.
    In M. Knauff, M. Pauen, N. Sebanz, & I. Wachsmuth (Eds.), Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.