1. Introduction

In Singapore, the Master’s degree is increasingly becoming the desired entry level requirement for junior and senior psychologist positions in the Civil Service and the private sector. Our department’s Concurrent Degree Programme [B.Soc.Sci. (Hons.) and M.Soc.Sci. in Psychology] provides psychology majors with the option of making a seamless transition to the Master’s programme, and to secure 2 degrees in 5 years (instead of the usual 6 years if the 2 degrees are taken separately), thereby making them more competitive for industry and graduate school. Graduates from this programme will possess strong quantitative and qualitative research skills, as well as domain expertise in their chosen area of research. To the extent possible, candidates will also be encouraged to attend and present their work at international conferences.

2. Programme Structure

Candidates must successfully complete 176 MCs of coursework, which comprise the following:

  • 20 MCs University-Level Requirements (Breadth, General Education, Singapore Studies)
  • 28 MCs (Unrestricted Electives)
  • 97 MCs (Exposure and Major Modules)
  • 16 MCs (Graduate Modules)
  • 15 MCs (Integrated Thesis)

In addition to the present graduation requirements for Single Major Honours, the candidate must also pass an additional research module (PL3231/PL328x), PL3239 (Industrial and Organizational Psychology), and PL4201 (Psychometrics and Psychological Testing).

At the graduate level, candidates will take PL6770 (Graduate Research Seminar), PL5221 (Analysis of Psychological Data using GLM), PL5222 (Multivariate Statistics in Psychology), and a core module corresponding to their area of interest (PL5303, PL5304, PL5305, PL5306, PL5307, OR PL5308).

A key component of this research-intensive programme is the Integrated Thesis, which reflects the candidate’s ability to independently conduct quality research that makes meaningful connections to the extant literature.

3. Admission Requirements

Admission to the Concurrent Degree Programme is both competitive and selective. Shortlisted candidates will undergo a rigorous admissions selection process, which includes the following requirements:

  • Majoring in Psychology,
  • Passed the following essential modules  (PL1101E, PL2131, PL2132, PL3232, PL3233, PL3234, PL3235, PL3236, and PL3231 OR PL328x),
  • Cumulative Average Point (CAP) ≥ 4.0 & Psychology Subject Average Point (SJAP) ≥ 4.3 (at the time of application),
  • Average grade of A- for PL2131, PL2132, and either PL3231 or PL328x (no lower than B+ for any of these modules),
  • TWO (or more) recommendation/referee letters,
  • Personal Statement and a rank-ordered list of potential thesis supervisors.

Candidates will also be required to attend an interview session.

It is a Faculty requirement that you submit a preliminary research proposal. If you apply to the Psychology Research Graduate Programme, this proposal should be submitted in the form of a personal statement. Instructions on what should go into your personal statement can be found here.

Applicants should examine faculty profiles on the department webpage prior to submitting their application, in order to find out whether their research interests can be accommodated by one (or more) of our staff members. Applicants should then specify their preferred supervisors (in descending order of preference) in their personal statement. Your listed supervisors will evaluate your applications when they reach the department and decide at that point whether they are prepared to supervise you (or not). However, since admission is contingent on securing a willing supervisor, please ensure that your research interests (as reflected in your personal statement) overlap well with your proposed supervisor's, to maximize your chance of securing a supervisor. In view of this, you do NOT have to secure a supervisor prior to submitting your application.

4. Application Instructions and Deadline

Prospective students who plan to be admitted to the programme in August 2017 should submit their applications by 1 November (in the year preceding the intake). Please send the application form along with the supporting documents (see below) or submit them personally to the Department of Psychology.

a. Research Application Form
b. Sealed Academic Referee's Report (at least two)
c. Unofficial NUS Transcript
d. Personal Statement (guide)

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