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The Psychology Department offers graduate degrees based on course work and research.

The course work programmes provide an entry level professional training in clinical psychology and completion of the programme requirements will be recognized with a Master of Psychology (Clinical) degree. Programme details can be found in here.

The research programmes require the completion of general and area modules as well as a research project. The completion of programme requirements will be recognized with a Master of Social Sciences (M.Soc.Sci) or a doctorate (Ph.D.) degree. Our department offers specialization in the following areas:

Clinical Research
This specialization is meant for candidates (with or without a clinical background) who would like to conduct research involving clinical populations. However, the research training received by the candidate will not allow him or her to practice as a clinical psychologist after graduation. Current research programs include psychological trauma and resilience, clinical child psychology and paediatric illness, psychological treatment outcome evaluation, and clinical neuropsychology. Faculty: Collinson, Keng, Magiati, Tang.

Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
Cognitive psychologists in our department investigate a wide range of cognitive functions including perception, attention, memory, interval timing and language. Their research uses behavioral measures ranging from simple button responses to voice recordings or the recordings of eye movements. Additional insights are gained from electrophysiological methods (e.g., electrocardiograms, electroencephalography), optical methods (i.e., event-related optical imaging) and magnetic resonance imaging methods (e.g., fMRI). Faculty: Ebstein, Goh, Hon, Kozhevnikov, Lim, Mullette-Gillman, Penney, Schirmer, Singh, Yap.

Developmental Psychology
Our developmental psychologists investigate infant, child and adolescent development. Their interests range from the normal and abnormal development of emotions, interpersonal skills, or cognitive functions. Faculty: Elliott, Magiati, Qin, Sim, Singh.

Health Psychology
Our department comprises a number of staff with an interest in the psychological aspects of both mental and physical health. Through connections with hospitals and health organizations, they study patients with medical problems such as kidney failure or cardiovascular disease. They also collaborate with various employers to identify the conditions that trigger or propagate health problems and to develop and implement prevention programs. Faculty: Griva, Hong, Tang.

Quantitative Psychology
Another area of specialization within our programme is quantitative psychology. Here the focus is on developing statistical methods that are suitable for the problems that arise in psychological research. Faculty: Cheung.

Personality and Social Psychology
Research in our department covers a wide range of personality and social psychology questions. For example, some investigators study the relationship between personality vulnerabilities and social cognition. Others study attitudes, emotions, or aspects of social communication. Faculty: Au, Fulmer, Hong, Jia, Schirmer, See, Tong, Tsai.