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Currently not accepting applications

Note: The department is presently NOT processing new applications for the Consultancy Levy Fund. This page will be updated when applications are again open. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Consultancy Levy Fund (CLF) is open to members of NUS Department of Psychology, and undergraduate/graduate students as well as staff are encouraged to apply. The CLF is primarily intended to support student research projects (e.g., Honours theses, dissertations) but staff are also invited to apply if alternative funding for their projects is not available. Requests for up to S$1,000 will be considered by the Research Committee.

Student applicants should ensure that requests for alternative sources of research funding from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) are sought alongside (if not prior to) this CLF application. Requests for items should not be duplicated in funding applications (e.g., the CLF application could request item A and the FASS application could request item B, but neither applications should request both items A and B). The latest details of such alternative funding sources from the FASS can be found at the following links.

For graduate students:
Claims for Student Project Expenses Form

For undergraduates:
FASS39-06 Student Project Funding Form

Staff applicants should ensure that requests for alternative sources of research funding have been sought prior to this CLF application, the details of which should be attached along with the completed CLF application form. Some sources of alternative funding schemes are described at the following link:
(Click on "Staff Research Portal")