Faculty Members

Name Designation Research Area Sub-area Room Contact No.
Aljunied, Mariam Adjunct Associate Professor - - - -
Au, Kin-Chung Al
Director, Roots & Wings 2.0 Programme
Senior Lecturer Social/Organizational Psychology Conflict and Negotiation AS4-02-26 (65) 6516 7708
Cha, Yeow Siah
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Senior Lecturer Social Psychology Experimental Social Psychology AS4-B1-05 (65) 6601 1191
Chen, Meihao Velda Adjunct Assistant Professor Clinical Psychology - - -
Chen, Qing Lian Patricia Assistant Professor Social Psychology Motivation, Self-Regulation, Mindsets, Social Psychological Interventions AS4-02-22 (65) 6516 8857
Cheung, Wai Leung Mike
Deputy Head of Department (Curriculum & Training)
Associate Professor Quantitative Psychology Meta-analysis, Structural Equation Modeling AS4-02-13 (65) 6516 3702
Chu, Chi Meng Adjunct Associate Professor - - - -
Derbyshire, Stuart William George
Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies and Honours Thesis Coordinator
Associate Professor Cognitive Neuroscience Sensation and Perception, Pain, Consciousness AS4-03-38 (65) 6516 4115
Ding, Xiao Pan Assistant Professor Developmental Psychology Social Cognitive Development, Children's Lying AS4-02-25 (65) 6516 3502
Goh, Winston D.
Head of Department
Associate Professor Cognitive Psychology Memory, Spoken Word Recognition AS4-02-18 (65) 6516 8749
Gwee, Kenji Adjunct Assistant Professor Clinical Psychology - - -
Hon, Hsueh Hsien Nicholas
Director of Graduate Studies (Non-Clinical)
Associate Professor Cognitive Psychology Sense of Agency, Attention AS4-02-21 (65) 6516 8589
Hong, Yee Shiun Ryan
Deputy Director of Research
Associate Professor Personality Psychology Personality and Psychopathology AS4-02-12 (65) 6516 6120
Jeevanandam, Lohsnah
Acting Deputy Director of Clinical Psychology Programmes
Senior Lecturer Clinical Psychology Intellectual Disability, Parenting, Burnout AS4-03-17 (65) 6601 2050
Jia, Lile Assistant Professor Social Psychology Motivation Science, Goal Pursuit, Self-Regulation, Social Cognition AS4-02-28 (65) 6601 3022
Kang, Sanveen Kaur Adjunct Assistant Professor Clinical Psychology - - -
Kaur, Jasmin Adjunct Assistant Professor - - - -
Kozhevnikov, Maria Associate Professor Cognitive Neuroscience Visual Imagery, Spatial Navigation, Human-computer Interaction AS4-02-10 (65) 6601 1190
Lee, Li Neng
Teaching Assistant Advisor and Coordinator
Lecturer Developmental Psychology Positive Psychology in Education, Learning and Teaching Interventions AS4-03-14 (65) 6516 7766
Libedinsky, Camilo
Assistant Professor Cognitive Neuroscience Systems Computational Neuroscience AS4-03-39 (65) 6601 5030
Lim, Sheng Mian Matthew
CARE Team Member
Lecturer Clinical Psychology Developmental Psychopathology, Emotion Regulation, Behavioural Addictions AS4-02-14 (65) 6601 1189
Lim, Wee Hun Stephen
Student Exchange and Non-graduating Students Coordinator
Associate Professor Cognitive Psychology Cognition and Education AS4-B1-04 (65) 6516 3657
Lu, Huixian Sharon Adjunct Assistant Professor - - - -
Magiati, Iliana
Acting Director of
Clinical Psychology Programmes
Associate Professor Clinical Psychology Developmental Psychopathology, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intervention and Adult Outcomes, Anxiety and Mental Health AS4-02-24 (65) 6516 1143
Ng, Sue Ying Adaline Adjunct Assistant Professor - - - -
Powell, Nina
Research Modules Coordinator (Lab, IRP, ISM, UROP, USP)
Lecturer Developmental Psychology Cognitive Development, Moral Judgment, Emotion AS4-03-41 (65) 6516 5000
Qin, Lili Assistant Professor Developmental Psychology Parenting, Adolescence, Culture AS4-02-16 (65) 6516 8768
Reddish, Paul Part-time Lecturer Social, Personality, and Industrial-Organizational Psychology - - -
See, Ya Hui Michelle
Deputy Director of Graduate Studies (Non-Clinical)
Associate Professor Social Psychology Attitudes and Persuasion, Intergroup Attitudes AS4-02-31 (65) 6516 8187
Siew, Shu Qin Cynthia Assistant Professor Cognitive Psychology Word Recognition, Semantic Memory, Computational Modeling AS4-02-23 (65) 6516 3156
Sim, Tick Ngee Associate Professor Developmental Psychology Adolescence, Religion, Education AS4-02-15 (65) 6516 3156
Singh, Leher
Director of Research
Associate Professor Developmental Psychology Bilingual Development, Language Acquisition AS4-03-40 (65) 6516 7750
Suendermann, Oliver
Manager of Clinical and Health Psychology Centre (CHPC)
Clinical Psychologist Clinical Psychology - CHPC (65) 6516 5348
Tang, So-Kum Catherine Professor Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology - AS4-02-30 (65) 6516 7652
Teoh, Jennifer Adjunct Assistant Professor - - - -
Tong, Mun Wai Eddie Associate Professor Social Psychology Emotion, Decision-making, Positive Psychology, Religion AS4-02-09 (65) 6516 3654
Tsai, Fen-Fang
Student Society Advisor
Visiting Senior Fellow Social Psychology Interpersonal Relationships AS4-02-11 (65) 6516 8118
Yap, Ju-Min Melvin
Deputy Head of Department (Research & Others)
Associate Professor Cognitive Psychology Visual Word Recognition AS5-04-05B (65) 6516 7768
Yeo, Hong Huang Donald Adjunct Assistant Professor Clinical Psychology - - -
Yu, Rongjun Assistant Professor Cognitive Neuroscience Neuroeconomics, Social Neuroscience AS4-02-17 (65) 6601 3946

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