Publications 2009


Year 2009


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  • Dimoia, J.P. “Atoms for Power,” for Historia Scientarum, 19.2.
  • Dimoia, J.P. “Embracing Nationalism”: STS and Contemporary East Asia,” draft paper from NUS workshop March 6, 2009, “Toward a Trans-Asian STS,” for Science, Technology and Society.
  • Dimoia, J.P. Commentary, for January 2009 workshop at NUS, “Southeast Asian STS,” re Laurence Monnais, for special issue of EASTS (Volume Three) Dimoia, J.P. Commentary for “Asian Environments,” (to be published online, via NUS website with conference proceedings)
  • Gelfert, A.H. "Indefensible Middle Ground for Local Reductionism about Testimony", Ratio, Vol. 22 (2) 2009, pp. 170-190 Gelfert, A.H. "Rigorous Results, Cross-Model Justification, and the Transfer of Empirical Warrant", Synthese, Vol. 169 (3) 2009, pp. 497-519
  • Hoofd, I M, "De Acceleratie van Verschillen: De Rol van Feministisch Transnationaal Activisme in Technocratische Globalisering." Gender. Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies 12, No.4 (Winter 2009).
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  • Hoofd, I M, “Activism, Academia, and the Humanist Aporia: Indymedia intensified in the age of neo-liberal globalisation.” Cultural Politics, Vol.5, No.2 (2009). (United Kingdom).

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