Publications 2015


Year 2015

  • Abraham, I., & Rajadhyaksha, A. (2015). State Power and Technological Citizenship in India: From the Postcolonial to the Digital Age, in East Asian Science and Technology Studies. East Asian Science, Technology and Society: an International Journal , 9 (1), 65-85.

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    Ho, K. C. (2015). Theories of Place and a Place for Theories. In R. Paddison, & T. Huttson (Eds.), Cities and Economic Change. Sage.

    Kera, D., Hirosue, S., & Huang, H. (2015). Promises and Perils of Open Source Technologies for Development: Can the “Subaltern” Research and Innovate? (S. Hostettler, E. Hazboun, & J.-C. Bolay, Eds.) Technologies for Development , 73-80.

    Ooi, V. (2015). Examining the GloWbe corpus as a lexicographic resource for Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong English. CILC2015: The 7th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics, (pp. 93-94).

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    Wang, Y.-C., Ho, R., Feng, C.-C., Namsanor, J., & Sithithaworn, P. (2015). An ecological study of Bithynia snails, the first intermediate host of Opisthorchis viverrini in northeast Thailand. Acta Tropica , 141, 244-252.

    Zhang, W. (2015). Learning variables, in-class laptop multitasking and academic performance: A path analysis. Computers & Education , 81, 82-88.
    Zhang, W., & Chang, L. (2014). Perceived Speech Conditions and Disagreement of Everyday Talk: A Proceduralist Perspective of Citizen Deliberation. Communication Theory , 24 (2), 124-125.

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