Recent Past FASS Visiting Research Fellows

FASS Visiting Fellowship for Distinguished Scholars



horowitzProfessor Donald L. Horowitz
Donald L. Horowitz is the James B. Duke Professor of Law and Political Science Emeritus at Duke University and Senior Fellow at the International Forum for Democratic Studies of the National Endowment for Democracy.  He is the author of seven books: The Courts and Social Policy (1977), which won the Louis Brownlow Award of the National Academy of Public Administration; The Jurocracy (1977), a book about government lawyers; Coup Theories and Officers’ Motives: Sri Lanka in Comparative Perspective (1980); Ethnic Groups in Conflict (1985, 2000); A Democratic South Africa? Constitutional Engineering in a Divided Society (1991), which won the Ralph Bunche Prize of the American Political Science Association; The Deadly Ethnic Riot (2001); and Constitutional Change and Democracy in Indonesia, published in 2013 by Cambridge University Press. During his visit to the Political Science Department from 11 Jan-9 Feb 2015, Prof Horowitz gave a seminar on constitutional processes, a seminar on federalism for severely divided societies at ISEAS, a public lecture titled "The Perils of Ethnic Powersharing", and consulted with faculty members and students.



Professor Robert Stecker
Robert Stecker is Professor of Philosophy at Central Michigan University. He has also taught at the University of Houston, the National University of Singapore, Auckland University (New Zealand), and at Lingnan University (Hong Kong), where he was a Senior Fulbright Scholar. He is the author of Artworks: Definition, Meaning, Value (1997), Interpretation and Construction: Art:, Speech and the Law (2003), and Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art (2005). During his visit to the Philosophy Department from 22 Jan-4 Feb 2014, Prof Stecker gave one talk ("Film Narration, Imagined Seeing, and Seeing-In") and one workshop ("Epistemic Norms, Moral norms and Nature Appreciation"), and met with various faculty members.

Isaac Manasseh Meyer Fellowship



Dr Ran Wei

Dr Ran Wei is Gonzalez Brothers Professor of Journalism in the School of Journalism & Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina. He is the first Asian American Editor-in-Chief of a SSCI journal Mass Communication & Society. His research focuses on media effects and new media. Dr Wei is a pioneering scholar in researching mobile media and has published extensively in the emerging field of mobile communication. During his visit from January 14th to 23rd, he gave two research talks: "New Media Research at a Crossroads: Predicaments and Solutions" and "Meeting the challenges of publishing Asia-focused research internationally". He also met with faculty, mentored graduate students, and discussed collaborative research projects.


Prof Xiang Mengbing

Prof Xiang Mengbing is one of the leading scholars in the field of Chinese dialectology. He is a full professor currently based in Peking University. Prof Xiang is highly committed to the description of under-documented Chinese dialects across China by training his students to collect and analyze primary linguistic data through fieldwork with native speakers. During his stay from 14th to 27th December, he discussed phonetic fieldwork for Chinese dialectology with A/P Phua, particularly the necessity of (1) integrating fieldworks on both phonology and grammar, (2) building a framework for fieldwork on grammar, and (3) conducting fieldwork on Chinese dialectics in Singapore. In addition, Prof Xiang worked with A/P Phua to build up a preliminary framework for Chinese fieldworkers on grammar. Prof Xiang also showed A/P Phua how to use the hierarchical cluster analysis under SPSS software for linguistic research. Finally, Prof Xiang conducted a workshop for students on how to conduct fieldwork on Chinese dialects.

Dr Mark Jensen

jensenMark P. Jensen is a UW professor and vice chair for research of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.  As a clinician/scientist, Dr Jensen has been developing and studying the efficacy of psychosocial pain treatments for almost three decades. In his clinical work, he combines cognitive-behavioral, hypnotic, and motivational approaches to help his clients better manage chronic pain and its effects on their lives. During his stay at the Psychology Department from 7th to 15th December, Dr Jensen worked with faculty members and students on papers and to discuss grant proposals and research collaborations. In addition, he facilitated a seminar entitled "Publishing your research findings: Strategies for success".

Prof Merje Kuus

Prof Merje Kuus, although more widely known for her contributions to critical geopolitics, mainly conducts research on transnational networks of diplomacy and expertise, mostly in the context of the EU. Prof Kuus is based at the Geography Department of the University of British Columbia. During her visit from 6th to 16th October, she gave two formal research presentations, participated in two roundtable discussions, and interacted with numerous students and faculty. Prof Kuus also discussed existing and future collaborations with James D Sidaway and Chih Yuan Woon on the emerging field of diplomatic studies in human geography: a joint project on Singapore as a hub of transnational activities was discussed and some initial work done on the topic.

Prof Joel Mokyr

Joel Mokyr, Robert H. Strotz Professor of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern University, visited the Department of Economics under the FASS Visiting Fellowship for Distinguished Scholars Scheme from 24 – 29 March 2014. During his visit, the Business School and the Department of Economics hosted a joint seminar for Professor Mokyr on March 26. Professor Mokyr presented a paper titled “Precocious Albion: Factor Prices, Technological Change and the British Industrial Revolution” and met with members of the Business School and the Department of Economics. On March 27, Professor Mokyr gave a short lecture on “The Great Needham Puzzle: China, Europe and the Origins of Modern Growth” at Yale-NUS. On March 27, Professor Mokyr met with undergraduate students enrolled in EC 3377 (Global Economic History) and gave a short lecture on the British Industrial Revolution.

Prof Tim Oakes

Tim Oakes is Director of the Center for Asian Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, and Professor of Geography. His research focuses on cultural geography, tourism, and urbanization in China. He has recently secured a grant from the National Science Foundation for the project "Evaluating the Effects of Urban Spatial Transformations," which explores how China's changing urban built environment effects residents, and particularly their use of public space. The project also focuses on the ways in which China's urban planners enhance urban livability, promote residential tourism, and govern rules of civic behavior. During his visit to the Geography Department for two-and-a half weeks in January 2014, he gave a well attended department seminar on ‘New leisure cities, new leisure citizens: the urban revolution in China’, presented his work to the relevant research groups, engaged closely with the graduate student community, and participated in discussions with a range of colleagues both within and beyond Geography.

Prof Thian Yew Gan

Thian Yew Gan has been a professor of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada since 1993, and is a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). His teaching/research in snow hydrology, remote sensing, hydrologic modeling, hydroclimatology, climate change, and water resources management and planning has gained international recognition. Thian Yew Gan visited the Department of Geography from March 1st-21st 2014, where he worked on a research proposal, lectured students from the department, met professors, and gave a research seminar titled "Perspectives on Global Climate Change Impacts to the Hydropshere and Cryosphere".

Dr Chen Jingxi

Chen Jingxi is the deputy director of the Overseas Chinese Religion Research Centre at Huaqiao University. His research interests are folk beliefs in South China and overseas Chinese religions, the Chinese community in Penang, and Chaozhou history and culture. He visited the Department of Chinese Studies from March 3rd-13th 2014, where he held discussions with faculty and students, conducted research and fieldwork, and gave a talk at Singapore Che Sen Khor Moral Uplifiting Society.

A/P John Nkemngong Nkengasong

John Nkemngong Nkengasong is Associate Professor of English Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Yaounde 1 in Cameroon. His research interests include 19th and 20th century English poetry and postcolonial studies with special emphasis on African literature and culture. He visited the Department of English Language and Literature from November 30th-December 12th, where he worked with A/P Chitra Sankaran on the intersections of Cameroonian and Singaporean literatures in English against the comparative backgrounds of Southeast Asian and Sub-Saharan African Literature. He gave two presentations: 1. "Southeast Asian and Sub-Saharan African Literature" and 2. "Art-culturalism in African Literature".