FASS Visiting Fellowships

Isaac Manasseh Meyer Fellowship

The Isaac Manasseh Meyer Fellowship (IMMF) was instituted in 1984, following a generous grant from the Isaac Manasseh Meyer Foundation to support research fellowships tenable at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The Fellowships are intended to provide opportunities for academics specializing in any area of arts and social sciences to visit and spend time at the Faculty, conducting research and giving lectures and seminars. Fellows are expected to engage in collaborative research with faculty members. The typical duration of IMMF is one month or less. The Visiting Scholars Scheme (VSS) of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) will be integrated into the IMMF with effect from 2011.


The IMMF scheme is open to scholars (usually beyond Post-doctoral level) in any area of the humanities and social sciences. Priority will be given to those who can contribute to the strategic areas of research of the Faculty with collaborative projects or projects leading to a major grant proposal. Please visit the websites of the Departments, Programmes and CLS (see list at the bottom of this page) for information on the Faculty's research foci.

Financial assistance

The award is non-renewable. The visiting scholar will be provided with the following:

  • Nett return airfare via the most direct and economical route (one-time claim only)
  • A stipend of $75 per day and reimbursement for accommodation up to $150/night for the first 30 days.
  • A stipend of $150 per day for stay beyond 30 days.

Invitation to Apply

  • Specific scheme
  • Intended purpose of visit
  • Research plans/ schedule in FASS
  • Expected outcome of visit
  • Curriculum Vitae

Application Deadlines

The application deadlines for the Isaac Manasseh Meyer Fellowship are indicated below:


Visiting Period

Application Deadline

Application Results

1 Apr 17 – 9 Mar 18

Applications to Heads/Director: 13 January 2017

Departments to submit supported application to Research Division: 20 January 2017


Early March 2017