Modular System


 In the FASS, we subscribe to two important principles with respect to undergraduate education:

1) Depth and breadth

Good undergraduate education involves a balanced combination of depth and breadth. By the end of a degree programme, graduates should know one area well; that is, be aware of its main ideas, of the possibilities and limitations of its methodology, and of its current questions and problems. The best graduates will also be able to devise problems and pose questions of their own in this area. To be properly educated, graduates should also have broad exposure to kinds of knowledge beyond their specialization.

 2) Responsibility

As undergraduates are mature learners, they should be given the responsibility of determining much of their own programme of study: for instance, the area of specialization, and the scope and nature of their study outside that area. In short, there should be both flexibility and choice.

Modular System

It is recommended that all students hold a copy of the Modular System to keep track of their academic career.

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For Cohort 2012 onwards, please refer to Important Circulars from FASS.

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