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NUS Faculty Arts & Social Sciences Research Gallery This gallery was launched in September 2006 to present research conducted in the FASS. Additional projects will be added on an ongoing basis.


For easy navigation, please use the pull-down menu to view projects by departments and programmes. If you have any comments or would like to know more about a certain project, please feel free to contact the researcher directly.



Project Submission
FASS researchers looking to submit their projects to the gallery can Ms Victoria Louise Giaever-Enger via email.

All Projects
Rainfall, Runoff, Floods and Droughts in Northern Thailand

Dr. Lim Han She - Department of Geography and Prof. Keith Richards

Malay Routes
A/P Tim Bunnell
Coastal Tourism
A/P Wong Poh Poh
Parties and Politics
A/P Hussin Mutalib
Political Science
Stress and the Heart
Prof George Bishop
Population, Trade and Settlement
A/P John N. Miksic
Southeast Asian Studies
Semiotics Research

A/P Kay L. O'Halloran
English Language and Literature


Interactional Particles
Dr Emi Morita
Japanese Studies
The ESU Singapore Model
A/P Tilak Abeysinghe
& Dr Choy Keen Meng
Confucian Democracy
A/P Tan Sor Hoon
and Material Falsity
A/P Cecilia Lim
Metacognition and
Learners’ Interactions
with the Computer
A/P Chan Wai Meng
Centre for Language Studies
The People with Two Kings
Dr Irving Chan Johnson
Southeast Asian Studies
Coffee Recollections:
Scenes from a Pioneer Front
Dr Stan B-H Tan
Southeast Asian Studies
Store Wars:
Retail Internationalization
in Japan

A/P Hendrik Meyer-Ohle
Japanese Studies
Transnational Domestic Workers in Global-City Singapore
Prof Brenda Yeoh
& A/P Shirlena Huang

Vicariously There
Dr Tim Marsh
Communications and New Media
Shifts in World City Status & the Urban Planning Response
Dr Asato Saito
Japanese Studies
Computer Supported Social Network
Dr Cho Hi Chang
Communications and New Media
Asian Theatre Studies
A/P Grant Shen
English Language and Literature
Foreign Language Teaching
in Asia and Beyond
A/P Chan Wai Meng,
Dr Chin Kwee Nyet &
Dr Titima Suthiwan.
Centre for Language Studies

Portrait of a Tokugawa Outcaste Community
Dr Timothy Amos
Japanese Studies
The New Encyclopaedia Project
A/P Ryan Bishop &
A/P John Phillips
English Language and Literature
Japanese Multinational Companies: Performance of Overseas Subsidiaries
Dr Mario Henrique Ogasavara
Japanese Studies

Activism @ the Speed of Thought
Dr Ingrid Maria Hoofd
Communications and New Media
Media Domestication By Middle Class Families in Asia
Dr Sun Sun Lim
Communications and New Media
Family Caregiving
in Singapore

Dr Ng Guat Tin, A/P Kalyani K Mehta & Dr Allison Rowlands
Social Work


Passages: Interactive Media Art Installation
Alex Mitchell
Communications and New Media
The Encyclopedia of the
Indian Diaspora
Prof Brij Lal, Prof Peter Reeves & Dr Rajesh Rai
Southasian Studies
ASEAN as a
Cultural Process
Dr Eric C. Thompson

Learning Project

Mr Jyh Wee Sew
Centre for Language Studies


Anxiety and Personality Factors with Post-Concussive Symptoms
Dr Simon Collinson
When the Sun Rises: A Toraja Priest of the Ancestral Way
A/P Roxana Waterson

40 years of Structure, Sign and Play
A/P Ryan Bishop &
A/P John Phillips
English Language and Literature
Modernist Avant-garde Aesthetics and Military Technologies
A/P Ryan Bishop &
A/P John Phillips
English Language and Literature
Baudrillard Now: Current Perspectives in Baudrillard Studies
A/P Ryan Bishop
English Language and Literature
Making the Political: A Contribution to and from Chinese Political Theory
Dr. Leigh Kathryn JENCO
Political Science
Intelligent Multimodal Malay Learning
Mr Jyh Wee Sew
Centre for Language Studies
Foreign Policies in the EU: Towards Europeanisation?
Dr Reuben Wong
Political Science
India's Economic Globalization
Assoc Prof Rahul Mukherji
South Asian Studies

Model-based representation in scientific practice

Dr Axel Gelfert - Philosophy

Frontiers of Faith: Religion & Society in Japanese Manchuria
Assoc Prof Thomas DuBois
Religion and Commodification
A/P Vineeta Sinha

Social Isolation, Health and Lifestyles Survey 2009
A/P Angelique Chan et al.
Informal Care Survey 2010
A/P Angelique Chan et al.

Sensory Relations in
Everyday Life

Dr Kelvin Low- Sociology

Superman Culture

A/P Ian Gordon

Riau Manuscripts: the gateway to the Malay intellectual world

A/P Jan Van Der Putten
Malay Studies

A New History of Southeast Asia

Prof Ricklefs et al

Cold War Southeast Asia

A/P Malcolm Murfett


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This research gallery was designed by students of the Communications and New Media Programme.
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