SPT retirement

Dr SP Thinnappan, Singapore's Tamil Studies icon & SASP's pioneer retires


Dr SP Thinnappan, one of SASP's pioneer, retired on 31 December 2014. SASP held a retirement lunch to mark our appreciation for Dr Thinnappan's contribution to Tamil Studies. Dr Thinnappan was also featured in a Tamil Murasu article on 28 December 2014.





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Rajabali Jumabhoy Foundation Prize

The Rajabali Jumabhoy Foundation donated S$25,000 for the Rajabali Jumabhoy Foundation Prize in South Asian Studies. Each academic year, a cash prize of S$500 will be awarded to the best Honours graduate in South Asian Studies. The prize will be awarded by the FASS Board of Examiners on the recommendation of the Head of South Asian Studies Programme.

SICCI Performance Prize

SICCI Performance Prize

A cash prize of S$100 will be awarded to the South Asian Studies major student with the highest SJAP (subject average point) of all South Asian Studies modules (including recognised modules) throughout the candidate’s 4 years of study

SICCI Prize for SAS

SICCI Prize for South Asian Studies

This Prize is divided into 4 categories: Honours Thesis (Best) - S$2500, Honours Thesis (Commendable) - S$1000, Graduate (Best PhD dissertation) - S$3000 and Graduate (Best MA dissertation) - S$1500.


Congratulations to A/P Rajesh Rai on his promotion to Associate Professor!





Congratulations to A/P Rahul Mukherji and A/P Rajesh Rai!


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Congratulations to our winners in 2014!

Well done, Himanshu, Priscilla, Sojin and Wei Fen!


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