New modules

Semester 1


Modular Credits: 4

This module is about the history of business in India and its significance in the contemporary context. The lectures will be based on historical analysis and effects of the colonial enterprise, different business communities and their networks, post-colonial approaches and changes in the socio-political and economic trajectories. It gives students opportunities to look into the traditional big business houses and corporations and the subsequent changes in the present generations, and also into the emerging paradigms of new production networks and their relevance in the South Asian economies as well as in Asia and the world.

GEH1009/GEM1050 Framing Bollywood: Unpacking the Magic

Modular Credits: 4

Bollywood Cinema is recognised as the most vibrant form of cultural media in India, one whose influence now extends to many parts of the world. By studying the content and meaning of selected Bollywood films, this module will introduce students to key social, economic, political and cultural issues in India, and explore important concepts in the humanities and social sciences such as nationalism, gender and sexuality, diaspora and globalisation.


GEH1010/GEM1913 Beasts, People and Wild Environments

Modular Credits: 4

How do ideas about big beasts and the wild inform our socio-cultural worldview? In other words, what is a "tiger" when it is not just a zoo animal but one that lives in a forest next to your home? In this introductory and interdisciplinary course to conservation and the environment, we will watch films and discuss novels and ethnographies focusing on human/animal relations in six different spheres: Mountains, Deserts, Rivers, Plains, Forests, and Sea. The course aims to be an informative, provocative and fun introduction to an exciting and relatively new field of scholarship.