Financial Aid

FASS Scholarships

The following bond-free scholarships are available for the Faculty's brightest students, in recognition of their academic strengths and pursuit of excellence.


FASS Bursaries

To be considered for a faculty bursary, students must first have been offered and accepted a NUS Bursary. If found eligible for a bursary/scholarship by the faculty, students will be informed by the faculty from September onwards. If you are offered a bursary/scholarship by both the OFA and the faculty, students will be informed if they are allowed to hold both awards concurrently. The awards’ value may be adjusted, or the award with the lower value may be withdrawn.


Financial Aid

Students in need of financial aid should first approach the University’s Office of Financial Aid, which offers a comprehensive package of financial aid combining study loans and bursaries. If you wish to be considered for the faculty bursaries and scholarships for AY2017/18, please apply for Financial Aid and/or Donated Scholarships through the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) at the Undergraduate Financial Aid portal by 1 April 2017.

Please note that you will not be able to indicate the specific scholarships and bursaries that you are applying for on the portal. Students who meet the eligibility criteria for the respective FASS scholarships and bursaries will automatically be considered for the awards, as well as those offered by the Office of Financial Aid at the University level.

FASS Emergency Aid is also available for students who, through sudden changes in their financial circumstances, require aid urgently and cannot wait for the next Financial Aid application.

Financial Aid

Undergraduate Financial Aid portal

FASS Emergency Aid


NUS Scholarship Enhancement

FASS sees great value in expanding the horizons of our scholars, and the following awards are available for our scholars who would like to enrich their academic experiences overseas.

Overseas Enrichment Awards

FASS Overseas Education Programme Award (For NUS Scholarship Recipients Only)


Overseas Double and Joint-Degrees Awards

FASS offers several double- and joint-degree programmes with prestigious universities abroad, and we invite eligible students to apply for the following awards to ease the additional costs of the programmes.

FASS Enrichment Grants/Bursaries

FASS Overseas Double and Joint Degree Awards


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