(print this) JOHN MIKSIC
Emeritus Professor

I first came to Singapore in 1968 while on the Peace Corps in Kedah, Malaysia. I have spent most of my life since then in Southeast Asia: 4 years in Malaysia (Sungai Patani, Kedah, and Penang), 9 in Indonesia (Medan, North Sumatra, 1 year; Bengkulu, Sumatra, 2 years; Yogyakarta, Java, 6 years), and Singapore since 1987. I have had two types of careers. One has been as a rural development adviser, the other as an archaeologist and lecturer. My main activity over the past 20 years has been archaeological research in Singapore. It has been very satisfying to see the gradual rise of interest in this subject among Singaporeans. I also continue research projects in Indonesia, particularly Java and Sumatra. In recent years I have become deeply involved in Cambodia, especially the period leading to the foundation of Angkor, with some work with graduate students on Myanmar as well. My modules on archaeology and cultural resource management provide lots of opportunities for students to do fieldwork. Many of my students have gone on to postgraduate study, or to employment in fields related to culture or tourism. Besides work, I also play tennis, badminton, and softball at NUS.