Research Students

Thesis Topic
Concepcion, Mary Grace R.
Doctor of Philosophy Writing to Live, Living to Write: The Self in Philippine Martial Law Autobiographies
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Iglesias, Sol Dorotea Rosales
Doctor of Philosophy The Parochialization of State Repression in the Philippines
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Kyaw Minn Htin
Doctor of Philosophy Intertwined Histories, Intertwined Fates: People of the Burma-Bangladesh Border
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Kanami Namiki
Doctor of Philosophy Filipino Identity and Aesthetics in Local Folk Dance Traditions of Cultural Minorities in the Philippines
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Lever, Ann Elizabeth
Doctor of Philosophy Poking Fire: Contemporary Political Satire in Southeast Asia and the Body, Emotions and Imagination
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Manzanilla, Jpaul Santiago
Doctor of Philosophy Nationalism and Modernity in Philippine Photography
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Ong Sze Yuen, Natalie
Doctor of Philosophy Animating the Inanimate: Rendering Vocal the Mute Objects of the Narrative Reliefs at Borobudur and Loro Jonggrang, Central Java (8th-9th Century, C.E.)
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Puryanti, Lina
Doctor of Philosophy The Construction of National Identity in Sebatik Island, East Kalimantan Indonesia: Articulating Through Personal Narrative
Rowedder, Simon Christian
Doctor of Philosophy Revitalizing Historical Mobility and Transnationality? Questioning the Significance of the Historicity of a Tai Ethnic Transnational Commercial Network in the Modern Context of Regional
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Somiah, Vilashini
Doctor of Philosophy "The Sea is My Country, The Sea is My Ally”: Irregular Migrants and the Water at the Borders of the Malaysian State
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Swansilp, Sorasich
Doctor of Philosophy The Localization of Foreign Words: The Impact on Thailand’s Foreign Policy Formation and Practices
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Tallara, Mark Inigo Macam
Doctor of Philosophy Chasing Miracles in Quiapo and Antipolo: Symbolism and Expression of Popular Piety in the Philippines