Research Students

Thesis Topic
Tan Zi Hao Doctor of Philosophy Composite Creatures in Southeast Asia: A Study of Power and Imagination
Hunter Ian Watson Doctor of Philosophy The Dvaravati Paradigm: Questioning Temporal and Spatial Extent
Abdul Mu'izz Bin Abdul Khalid Doctor of Philosophy Towards ‘Negara Zikir’: Exploring the Dominant Perception of Bruneian Malay-Muslim Identity in Developing to be an Islamic Southeast Asian Spiritual Nation
Thow Xin Wei Master of Arts Amateurism and Professionalism in Central Javanese Gamelan
Low Kok Kiat David Master of Arts Itinerant European Sculptors in Singapore During the Pre-War Period
Wong Ruyi Master of Arts Rethinking Singapore’s Chinese Soap Operas
Muhammad Yusuf Bin Osman Master of Arts A Comparative Study of Malay Entrepreneurship in Malaysia and Singapore
Onat Kibaroglu Doctor of Philosophy Socioeconomic Transformation in Southeast Asia Under the “Industry 4.0” Revolution with Special Emphasis on Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia
Muhammad Zinnurain Bin Mohd Nasir Master of Arts Bangsa Melayu Ethos Amongst the Malay Left: Nationalism Through the Prism of Language and Literature
Sharifah Aishah Bte Syed Zain Alhadad Master of Arts A History of Islamic Patriarchy in Southeast Asia
Nurulsyahirah Binte Mohammad Taha Doctor of Philosophy How Malay Women Resist Obstetric Violence in Singapore
Ong Yanchun Doctor of Philosophy Employment Scams in Southeast Asia
Athiqah Nur Alami Doctor of Philosophy The Politics of Indonesian Female Domestic Workers in Singapore: Policies and Practices
Iglesias, Sol Dorotea Rosales
Doctor of Philosophy The Parochialization of State Repression in the Philippines
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Lever, Ann Elizabeth
Doctor of Philosophy Poking Fire: Contemporary Political Satire in Southeast Asia and the Body, Emotions and Imagination
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Manzanilla, Jpaul Santiago
Doctor of Philosophy Nationalism and Modernity in Philippine Photography
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Ong Sze Yuen, Natalie
Doctor of Philosophy The Unfolding of the Play: Javanese Social Structure in the Reliefs of Borobudur and Loro Jonggrang
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Puryanti, Lina
Doctor of Philosophy The Construction of National Identity in Sebatik Island, East Kalimantan Indonesia: Articulating Through Personal Narrative
Somiah, Vilashini
Doctor of Philosophy "The Sea is My Country, The Sea is My Ally”: Irregular Migrants and the Water at the Borders of the Malaysian State
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Swansilp, Sorasich
Doctor of Philosophy The Localization of Foreign Words: The Impact on Thailand’s Foreign Policy Formation and Practices
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Tallara, Mark Inigo Macam
Doctor of Philosophy Chasing Miracles in Quiapo and Antipolo: Symbolism and Expression of Popular Piety in the Philippines