About Us

Welcome to Southeast Asian Studies @ NUS

The Department of Southeast Asian Studies is located in the Asian Studies Division of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. We offer distinctive programmes for anyone interested in studying Southeast Asia, from the undergraduate to the PhD level. Our Department is unique for a number of reasons, including

(a) our location within the region, permitting field visits and exposure to primary research even in undergraduate classes;
(b) a genuinely inter-disciplinary approach to scholarship that is grounded in theory and sensitive to context;
(c) faculty specialisations that include cultural studies, politics, anthropology, visual culture, archaeology, social history, heritage studies, migration, performing arts, religion, and more;
(d) small classes for juniors and seniors, permitting close interactions between faculty and students;
(e) belonging to a Faculty that has one of the largest concentrations of scholars of Asia anywhere in the world; and
(f) excellent library and archival collections.

We expect our undergraduate majors to become fluent in a Southeast Asian language (currently we offer Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese), and encourage them to take advantage of our partnerships with first rate universities in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Department offers BA, BA (Hons), MA by coursework, MA by research and PhD degrees. Thanks to this expansive and future oriented training, our students are equipped to take on a number of professions. Some of our recent graduates may be found in Government Ministries, from Defense to Foreign Affairs; a number of graduates teach in secondary schools and JCs in Singapore; others work for large international corporations; still others are in the non-governmental sector, having started their own NGOs or working for international agencies; while some have decided to pursue careers overseas.

We welcome you to explore the many facets of student life, faculty expertise, and the various exciting programmes on offer at our department.