We offer three post-graduate degrees. You can obtain a MA entirely through coursework. You can seek a MA through research. You can enrol for a PhD (research-based).

The MA in Southeast Asian Studies coursework programme is designed for post-graduate students who wish to acquire a multi-disciplinary understanding of contemporary Asia, and, for working professionals who wish to enrich their careers through the pursuit of an advanced degree. Students are exposed to a variety of scholarly perspectives that will give them a deeper and more focused understanding of the political, social, economic, cultural and other issues that define Southeast Asia as a region. Graduates leave the department equipped with the knowledge base and analytical skills they need to enter PhD programmes, to enhance their professional development and to participate in global conversations on key regional issues.

The MA and PhD research programmes provide post-graduate training for individuals who will contribute to knowledge production in and about Southeast Asia. You will be taught by highly rated staff whose expertise lies in fields ranging from history, economics and political science to anthropology, cultural studies, and archaeology. Our inter-disciplinary structure exposes students to the latest theoretical and methodological issues while also ensuring deep immersion in regional specificities. Graduates are prepared for academic careers and employment in research intensive professions which also expect working knowledge of Southeast Asian languages.

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