Masters of Arts (Coursework)

Our Coursework M.A. programme is a unique graduate degree option designed for those who aspire to internationalise their career and enrich their life experience through continued study in the social sciences. For over a decade, our programme has catered successfully to the needs of working professionals in Singapore, and is now available to students from all over the world. With a one-year investment, you can earn a Master of Arts degree awarded by Asia’s premier academic institution, the National University of Singapore.

Our department’s teaching staff represent the breadth of the social sciences and humanities, and regularly conduct original research in Southeast Asian Studies. Our inter-disciplinary approach promotes a critical regional methodology specific to the study of Southeast Asia. The NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences also boasts the highest concentration of Southeast Asia specialists in the world, and M.A. students have the option of taking classes with experts in other departments.

As one of our Coursework M.A. students, you will thus be exposed to a variety of scholarly perspectives, giving you a deeper and more focused understanding of the myriad political, social, economic, cultural, and other issues that define Southeast Asia as a region. Country-specific courses also offer in-depth exposure to national issues and challenges within ASEAN.

As a graduate of our Coursework M.A. programme, you will be equipped with the knowledge base and analytical skills you need to raise your professional profile and deepen your participation in ongoing global conversations about the key issues of our dynamic region.