Module Information

Pre-approved Cross-Department/Faculty Modules

A candidate from the MA coursework programme may select up to five (5) elective module(s) from the pre-approved list of modules currently offered by other Departments or Faculties, subject to preclusions. This pre-approved list is divided into two categories, i.e. "Directly Related Modules" and "Relevant Modules".

  • A candidate may select not more than three (3) modules from any one other Department or Faculty.

  • A candidate may read a maximum of two (2) modules from the "Relevant Modules" category.

Enrolment to modules offered by Departments or Faculties is subject to the approval of the Head of the Department of Southeast Asian Studies and the Department offering the module(s).

Please submit your request to read cross-department/faculty modules via the "Module Request" function in the Module Registration (ModReg) system.

Directly Related Modules

"Directly Related Modules" are those which are directly related to Southeast Asia and thus either parallel or closely complement module offerings in the Department of Southeast Asian Studies.

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
PP5206 Politics and Policy in Southeast Asia
(Preclusion: SE5214 Studies in Southeast Asian Politics)
PP5235 Development Policy in Southeast Asia
(Preclusion: SE5233 Economies of Southeast Asia)
PP5252 Ethnic Politics and Governance in Asia 
(Preclusion: SE5226 Race and Ethnicity in Southeast Asia) 
PP5277 Singapore's Development: A Comparative Analysis 
PP5285 State-Society Relations in Singapore
Communications and New Media Programme
NM5202 New Media in Emerging Asian Economies
Department of History
HY5210 Approaches to Modern Southeast Asian History
HY6202 Southeast Asian Historiography
Department of Chinese Studies
CH5225 Topics in SE Asian Chinese Literature
CH6248 Studies in Sino-SE Asian Interactions
Department of English Language & Literature
EL6883 English in Multilingual Societies
EN5883 Screen Culture in Southeast Asia
Department of Political Science
PS6404 International Institutions
(Preclusion: SE5232 Southeast Asia and Regionalism)
Department of Malay Studies
MS5101 Social Science Theories and Malay Studies
MS5201 Critiques in Malay Studies
MS6202 Elite and Intellectuals in Malay Society
MS6203 Religion and Modernisation



"Relevant Modules" are those that are more thematic in nature, and do not necessarily include a preponderance of Southeast Asian content, but deal with issues highly relevant to this region, and include Southeast Asia in the form of case studies.

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
PP5205 Economic Policy in a Global Economy
PP5214 Ethics and the Public Official
PP5224 Negotiation and Conflict Management
(Preclusion: SE5262 Issues in Conflict Management in SE Asia) 
PP5226 Social Policy: Issues and Options
(Preclusion: SE5226 Race and Ethnicity in Southeast Asia) 
PP5227 Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management
(Preclusion: SE5294 The Politics of Environment in SE Asia) 
PP5237 Strategies for Poverty Alleviation
PP5238 Urban Development and Policy
PP5248 International Conflict Resolution 
(Preclusions: SE5262 Issues in Conflict Management in SE Asia and PP5224 Negotiation and Conflict Management) 
PP5273 Political Islam and Governance
PP5280 Politics and Development: Approaches, Issues and Cases
PP5289 Women, Leadership and Public Policy
Communications and New Media Programme
NM5213 New Media and Organization
Department of Economics
ECA5371 Economic Growth and Development (Note: Additional tuition fees is payable directly to the Department of Economics to read this module.)
Department of History
HY5303  Problems in Cultural History
Department of English Language & Literature
EL5253 Textual Construction of Knowledge
EL5250 Sociolinguistic Argumentation
EN5236 The Literature of the Asian Diaspora
EN5882 Topics in Cultural Studies
EN5231 Asian and Other Modernities
EN5235 Politics and Literature
TS5212 Asian International Cinema (Offered by Theatre Studies)
Department of Sociology
SC5103 Qualitative Data Analysis
SC5880 Topics in Social Organization
SC6212 Global Transformation, Risk & Violence
Department of Political Science
PS5313 Seminar of State and Society
(Preclusion: SE6219 Varieties of the State in Southeast Asia)