(print this) GOH BENG LAN
Associate Professor, Head of Department
Hailing from Penang, Malaysia, I graduated from the University Science of Malaysia with a Bachelors of Social Sciences (Hons) and received my MA in Sociology from the Ochanomizu National Women's University in Tokyo, Japan. My PhD in Anthropology was completed at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, after which I held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the International Centre for Advanced Studies, New York University, USA.  My scholarly interests centre on the production of knowledge, ethno-cultural identities and their relationships with new socio-economic imperatives in contemporary Southeast Asian societies with a particular focus on the Malaysian experience. My interests are shaped by my commitments to ethnographic investigations and particular theoretical interests. I am interested in developing ethnography on actual circumstances and histories of individuals and their shifting relationships with material and cultural processes in order to understand how people perceive and cope with contemporary changes around them. On the theoretical front, I am interested in using evidence of history, agency, and knowledge practices in Southeast Asia to rethink normative social scientific definitions with the hope of contributing towards the project of making human scientific knowledges more inclusive and truly more universal.