Research Projects


Kammen, Douglas

Goh Beng Lan

  • Art and Politics: A Look into the Promist of the Post-Merdeka Artistic Generation in Malaysia (learn more)

Goh Beng Lan
& Reynaldo C. Ileto

  • Local Scholarship and the Study of Southeast Asia: Bridging the Past and Present (learn more)

Johnson, Irving C.


Mrázek, Jan

  • From Bohemia to the Malay Archipelago: Travels in Imagination and in Reality (learn more)

  • Indigenous Classical Music In Contemporary Indonesia And Thailand: Toward A Comparative Regional Perspective (learn more)

Miksic, John N

  • Buddhist Murals of 11th through 13th Centuries in Bagan, Myanmar (learn more)

  • Population, Trade And Settlement In Early Southeast Asia (learn more)

  • Archaeological Excavations In Phnom Kulen, Cambodia (learn more)

  • Khmer Potters Emerge from the Shadows (learn more)

  • Archaeological Research on the Dieng Plateau, Java (learn more)

  • Archaeological Excavation at Cheung Ek, Cambodia (learn more)

Paredes, Oona

  • Oral Histories of Higaunon Datuship in Northern Mindanao (learn more)

Daquila, Teofilo C.

  • International Student Mobility: A Comparative Study Between Australia And Singapore (learn more)