The Semester-in-Southeast Asia is an exchange programme that offers immersion in students’ country of specialisation for one semester for students majoring in Southeast Asian Studies. As part of the Semester-in-SEA, students engage in field research projects (through two Independent Study modules), take up an internship at the university where they are attached or at selected local organisations, and complete one language module at the required level. Students may accumulate up to 16 or 20 modular credits (MCs) through the Semester-in-SEA programme.

At present, the Department of Southeast Asian Studies has arrangements for a student exchange programme (SEP) with the following Partner Universities (PUs):


The period of SEP varies according to the partner universities as per table below:

Partner University Semester 1 Semester 2
Khon Kaen University

Beginning end July - end November

Not available.

University of Gadjah Mada

Beginning August - Mid November

Beginning January - End April



In line with our strategy to increase the exposure of our majors to the Southeast Asian region, the aims of our Semester-in-Southeast Asia Exchange Programme are:

  • To enhance students’ exposure to the Southeast Asian region through an immersion programme with well-regarded universities in students’ country of specialisation.
  • To develop students’ language skills by bringing students out of their Singapore classroom and into the every day, real-world contexts of the Southeast Asian countries.
  • To provide students with invaluable skills and experiences of working with people of different cultures through Independent Study and internships with local organisations.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to gain in-depth knowledge of their country of specialisation through real-world encounters.
  • To produce graduates who are well-acquainted with the multifaceted dimensions of their Southeast Asian country of specialisation.