modules recognised towards gl MAJOR

Global Studies majors who choose to focus on the Southeast Asian region may select from the following GL-recognised modules offered by the Department of Southeast Asian Studies. Selected modules may also be read to fulfill the Global Studies thematic focus requirements. Students are advised to consult the Global Studies administrator on the academic requirements.

Module Code Module Title Thematic Focus
SE1101E Southeast Asia: A Changing Region  
SE2210 Popular Culture in Southeast Asia  
SE2211 Southeast Asian Social History  
SE2212 Cities and Urban Life in Southeast Asia  
SE2213 Politics in Southeast Asia  
SE2214 Arts of Southeast Asia  
SE2216 Idols, Villains and Jesters  
SE2217 War and Southeast Asia  
SE2218 Changing Economic Landscape of SE Asia  
SE2219 Culture and Power in Southeast Asia  
SE2220 Entrepreneurs in SE Asia's New Economy Business & Transnational Cultures
SE2221 Old and New Music in Southeast Asia  
SE2222 Southeast Asia in Context  
SE2223 Doing Research in Southeast Asian Studies  
SE2226 Moro Peoples of the Philippines Religion & Ethnicity
SE2228 The History & Anthropology of Christianity in SE Asia Religion & Ethnicity
SE2880A Southeast Asia's Cultural Mosaic  
SE3210 Studies in Southeast Asian Arts  
SE3211 Religion, Society and Politics in SE Asia  
SE3212 Money and Power in Southeast Asia Global Economics & Development
SE3213 Rice, Spice & Trees: Peasants in SE Asia Global Economics & Development
SE3214 Marketing Southeast Asia's Heritage  
SE3215 Mass Media in Southeast Asia International Communications
SE3216 Migration and Diaspora in Southeast Asia Population & Migration
SE3217 Knowing Southeast Asia: Lives and Texts  
SE3218 Industrialising Singapore and Southeast Asia  
SE3219 Country Studies: Island Southeast Asia Religion & Ethnicity
War & Security
SE3220 Country Studies: Mainland Southeast Asia Colonialism & Post-colonialism
Religion & Ethnicity
War & Security
SE3221 Traditional Music in a Southeast Asian Country  
SE3222 Gender in Southeast Asia  
SE3223 Preserving Indonesia's Cultural Heritage Religion & Ethnicity
SE3226 It's a Living: The Changing Face of Work in SEA Business & Transnational Cultures
SE3227 Maritime History & Culture of Southeast Asia Business & Transnational Cultures
SE3880 Topics in Southeast Asian Studies Variable with topic.
SE3880A Southeast Asia's Religious Mosaic  
SE4212 Elites of Southeast Asia  
SE4213 Literature in Southeast Asian Societies  
SE4216 Southeast Asia in the Archaeological Perspectives Population & Migration
SE4217 Southeast Asia in the Global Economy Global Economics & Development
SE4218 Majorities and Minorities in SE Asia Religion & Ethnicity
SE4221 Southeast Asian Postcolonialism Colonialism & Post-colonialism
SE4223 Knowledge, Power and Colonialism in Southeast Asia Colonialism & Post-colonialism
SE4224 Politics and Business in Southeast Asia Business & Transnational Cultures
SE4225 The Cold War in Southeast Asia  
SE4227 Nationalism in Southeast Asia  
SE4228 Contentious Politics in Southeast Asia  
SE4229 Research in Southeast Asia Religions Religion & Ethnicity
SSA1203 Singapore, Asia and American Power
(may also be read by students focusing on 'Americas')
Policy Making


The following modules may be read to fulfil the thematic focus requirement only:

Module Code Module Title Thematic Focus
GEK1045 Introduction to World Religions Religion & Ethnicity
GEK1057 Money: Diverse Perspectives Business & Transnational Cultures


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