Minor in Southeast Asian Studies

Students may choose to plan their degree to include Southeast Asian Studies as a minor. FASS students can declare Southeast Asian Studies as a minor through the Graduation and Academic Planning System (GAPS). Non-FASS students can declare their intention to do Southeast Asian Studies as a minor at the CORS website under ‘Declaration of Major/Minor’.

To graduate with a minor in Southeast Asian Studies, students should pass at least 24 MCs of SE or SE language modules, which include the following:

  • SE1101E┬áSoutheast Asia: A Changing Region
  • A minimum of 8 MCs of SE modules at level-3000
  • A maximum of 8 MCs of SE language modules (i.e. Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Thai or Vietnamese)

Note 1 :A maximum of 8 MCs from the minor can be used to satisfy the requirements of a major or another minor.

Note 2: SE minor students from Cohort 2013 and before are not allowed to opt for S/U for the language modules.

Note 3: Students from Cohort 2013 and before who have taken language modules, opted for S/U and then subsequently declared SE as a minor must replace the language modules taken on S/U with another graded SE or SE language modules.

For more information on the S/U option, please refer to the S/U Option Homepage. For general enquiries on S/U policy, email to