Module Information

Modules Recognised towards SE Major

Recognised modules are offered to SE major students only.
Students are strongly advised to check with the respective departments for list of modules offered in each semester.

Department of Economics
EC3373           ASEAN Economics
EC3371           Development Economics I
EC4373           Policy Issues of Singapore Economy

Department of English Language & Literature
EN3269           Southeast Asian Literatures in English
TS3233           Southeast Asian Performance

Department of Geography
GE2226            Southeast Asia
GE4219            Development & Environment in Southeast Asia (Previously Eco-Development in Southeast Asia)

Department of History
HY2233           International History of Singapore
HY2234           Buddhism in Southeast Asian History
HY2250           Introduction to Southeast Asian History
HY3201           Indonesia: History, Economy and Society
HY3202           International History of Southeast Asia
HY3204           Southeast Asia: Decolonization and After
HY3217           The Making of Colonial Indochina
HY3225           Minorities in Southeast Asia
HY3228           The Evolution of Vietnam as a Nation
HY3231           History of the Malay World
HY3237           Issues in Thai History
HY3246           History of Muslim Southeast Asia
HY3247           From Monarchy to Military: History of Myanmar
HY3257           The Philippines: A Social and Cultural History
HY4201           Economy and Society in Southeast Asia
HY4215           The Classical Empires of Southeast Asia
HY4216           Culture and Literature in SEA History
HY4217           Approaches to Study of Southeast Asian History

Department of Malay Studies
MS2211           Criticism in Modern Malay Literature
MS3210           Modern Indonesian Literature
MS3211           Political Culture of the Malays
MS3212           Classical Malay Literature

Department of Political Science
PS4205            Contemporary Politics of Southeast Asia

Department of Sociology
SC2207           Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
SC3212           Southeast Asia in a Globalizing World

South Asian Studies Programme
SN2277           Indian Communities in Southeast Asia