Joint Department Seminar: [Multi-Dimensional Population Projection: Adding New Dimensions to Age and Sex]

Dr Samir KC from International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis examines this:

How long will I live? How many children will I have? Where will I be living after 20 years? These questions are related to the three core demographic components of population change. Future population size and structure are projected based on assumptions regarding the scenario specific trajectories of fertility, mortality, and migration. Traditionally, the rates of fertility, mortality, and migration are specific to place of residence, age, and sex. And the population structure is presented by age and sex .

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Joint Department Seminar: [Rice Wars and the Making of the Northeast India-East Pakistan Border (1930 - 1970)]

Dr Malini Sur from Asia Research Institute examines this:

In this talk, I engage with overlapping and contested claims over land and rice along South Asia’s northeastern borderlands. I show how the conversion of agricultural land into provincial and national territories, and religious and political mobilizations that defined affiliations and citizenship, altered prior conceptions of locality and belonging. read more

Sociology Department Seminar Series: [Disavowing Liberalism: SIngapore as Provocation]

Prof Chua Beng Huat, our Head of Department of Sociology examines this:

The PAP government has always been very vocal about its disdain for ‘Western’ liberalism. Yet, in a world where liberalism is hegemonic, it is not treated as a pariah state. Instead, it is very well treated by global, multilateral financial institutions, on account of its economic success, anticorruption and efficient governance. read more

FASS Class of '69 Sociology Alumni Bursary

In commemoration of their 45th year of graduation in 2014, the classmates of our pioneer Sociology Class '69 raised fund and setup the department's inaugural bursary, FASS Class of '69 Sociology Alumni Bursary. read more

Open Positions

Open-rank positions (Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor), to begin in July 2015. read more

Recess Period for DERC

DERC will be on recess from 10 Jun 2014 - 03 Aug 2014.

Welcome to the Department of Sociology

You might want to know, if you do not already, that we have been ranked by reputation as the top sociology department in Asia and among the top 20 in the world, in 2012. That aside, you will find in this website details of the department’s faculty members, their fields of research and the modules they teach.

With more than thirty teaching staff, the department readily provides very comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programs that enable the student to tailor his/her education in sociology; modules taught ranges from sociology of lifestyles in popular culture and consumerism to social problems in deviance, health and inequalities to macro sociological concerns of history, economy and politics. The undergraduate and the Master programs are a combination of sociology and anthropology modules, while the PhD is differentiated into sociology or anthropology.

Although the department has the capacity to cover practically the entire terrain of undergraduate and postgraduate education in sociology, we also have the following areas of excellence: anthropology of Southeast Asia, comparative historical sociology, economic sociology and Singapore society in regional comparative perspective. These identifiable tracks of excellence provide students with identifiable pathways to their desired specialization in their choice of not only education but also future career and their preferred modes of life.

Whether you choose to make sociology your major field of study or as a minor field or even just accessing selective modules to round out your university education, we are certain that you will benefit from your enrolment in department.

Professor Chua Beng Huat

  • Emily Chua
  • Juyeon Kim
  • Adelyn Lim
  • Rose Liang
  • Kim Sung Kyung
  • Xu Xiaohong