Noorman Abdullah

PhD (Sociology), Bielefeld, 2011
Religion and Society, Deviance and Social Control, Sensory Studies, Everyday Life

Crystal Abidin

Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD (Anthropology & Sociology, Media & Communications), University of Western Australia, 2016
Internet Culture, Social Media, Popular Culture, Identity, Celebrity, Gender

Syed Farid Alatas

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), Johns Hopkins, 1991
Philosophy of Social Science, Sociological Theory, Political Economy


PhD (Sociology), NUS, 2010
Sociology of Leisure, Postcolonialism, Regionalism

Indira Arumugam

Assistant Professor
PhD (Anthropology), LSE, 2012
Political Theorising, Rituals, Value and Exchange, Everyday Ethics, Hinduism, India

Angelique Chan

Associate Professor; joint appointment with Health Services and Systems Research, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
PhD (Sociology), UCLA, 1995
Aging and Demography, Program Impact Evaluation and Health of Older Persons

Chua Beng Huat

Provost's Chair Professor; Research Leader, Asia Research Institute
PhD (Sociology), York, 1971
Housing and Urban Studies, Cultural Studies in Asia, Comparative Politics in Southeast Asia

Chua Hui Ching Emily

Assistant Professor
PhD (Anthropology), UC Berkeley, 2013
Media and Information; Technology and Politics; Nature and Capitalism; Ethics and Textuality;
Post-socialist conditions and the Anthropology of Value

Vincent Chua

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Toronto, 2010
Personal Communities, Social capital and Inequality, Education

Andrew Marc Conroe

Assistant Professor; joint appointment with University Scholars Programme
PhD (Anthropology and History), Michigan, 2012
Violence, Memory/ Postmemory, Human Rights, Media, Indonesia


Assistant Professor
PhD (Anthropology), Boston, 2011
Memory and History, Border Studies, Gender Politics, Nature and Culture, State-society Relations, China, Tibet, the Himalayas

Saroja Devi D/O Neyson Doraira

Senior Lecturer
PhD (Anthropology), Harvard, 2002
Gender, Food, Conflict and Violence, Southeast Asia

Maribeth Erb

Associate Professor
PhD (Anthropology), SUNY Stony Brook, 1988
Tourism, Ritual and Personhood, Socio-Political Change, Indonesia

Feng Qiushi

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Duke, 2009
Aging, Medical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Demography

Narayanan Ganapathy

Associate Professor; Fellow, NUS Teaching Academy
PhD (Sociology), NUS, 2002
Deviance, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Sociology of Policing, Social Control and Punishment

Kurtulus Gemici

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), UCLA, 2008
Power and Politics, Perspectives on State and Society, Economy and Society, Sociology of Finance

Daniel P.S. Goh

Associate Professor; Deputy Head of Dept
PhD (Sociology), Michigan, 2005
State Formation, Cultural Studies, Urban Studies, Religion, Environmental Sociology

Ho Kong Chong

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), Chicago, 1988
Urban Sociology, Youth and Society, Social Research Methods

Ho Swee Lin

Assistant Professor
PhD (Anthropology), Oxford, 2009
Global Media & Finance, Popular Culture, Urban Space, Anthropology of Work

Joshua Kurz

PhD (Comparative Studies), Ohio State University, 2014
Globalisation, Migration, International Bordering Practices, Policing & Social Control, Cultural Studies

Ivan Kwek

PhD (Anthropology), SOAS, 2010
Media Practices, Politics of Belonging and Difference, Ethnic Identities, Malay Worlds

Leong Wai Teng, Laurence

Senior Lecturer
PhD (Sociology), UC San Diego, 1990
Mass Media, Human Rights, Sexual Policies

Liang Yongjia

Senior Lecturer
PhD (Anthropology), Peking, 2003
Religion, Ethnicity, Kinship, Social Memory, Historical Anthropology, Southwest China


PhD (Anthropology), ANU, 2010
Transnationalism, Social Movements, Gender and Sexuality, Contemporary Chinese Societies

Kelvin Low

Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Dept
PhD (Sociology), Bielefeld, 2010
Sociology of the Senses, Social Memory and Historiography, Everyday Life, Migration and Transnationalism

Mu Zheng

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Michigan, 2013
Marriage and Family, Fertility, Ethnicity, Migration

Manjusha Nair

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Rutgers, 2011
Political Economy, Development, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Labour, India and China


PhD (Sociology), NUS, 2008
Sociology of Law, Law and Society, Sociology of Emotions, Post-Colonial Studies, Southeast Asian Studies

Anne Raffin

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), New School, 2000
Modern Colonialism and its legacies, State Society Relations and Globalization.

Volker H. Schmidt

PhD (Sociology), Bremen, 1995
Social Justice and Inequality, Social policy, Social theory, Globalization


Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Washington, 2014
Economic Sociology, Organizations, Development, Business Groups, Consumer and Production Markets, Comparative East Asia 

Vineeta Sinha

Professor; Head of Dept & Concurrent Head, South Asian Studies Programme
PhD (Anthropology), Johns Hopkins, 1995
Social Theory, Religion, Reading and Writing Ethnography, Political Economy of Health Care

Joonmo Son

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), Duke, 2008
Social capital, Volunteering, Health, Economic sociology, Stratification

Paulin Straughan

Associate Professor; Vice Dean of International Relations and Special Duties
PhD (Sociology), Virginia, 1990
Medical Sociology, Aging Studies, Work and Family, Organizational Behaviour

Tan Ern Ser

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), Cornell, 1988
Social Indicators, Ethnic Relations, National Identity, Industrial Relations, Social Stratification

Eric C. Thompson

Associate Professor
PhD (Anthropology), Washington, 2000
Gender Studies, Agrarian Transitions, Urbanism, Transnationalism

Tong Chee Kiong

PhD (Anthropology), Cornell, 1987
Chinese in Southeast Asia, Comparative Religious Systems, Chinese Business Firms


Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Maryland, 2015
Demography, Life Course and Social Determinants of Health

Xu Xiaohong

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Yale, 2013
Power and Politics, Cultural Analysis, Organizational Theory, Socialism and Post-Socialism, China

Jean Wei-Jun Yeung

Professor; Director, Center for Family and Population Research & Research Leader, Asia Research Institute
PhD (Sociology), Alberta, 1991
China’s Family and Demographic Transition, Intergenerational Studies, Social Inequality