Daniel PS Goh

My core research interest has been on the historical and sociological relationship between culture and state formation. I received my PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 2005, the dissertation thesis for which was on the influence of ethnography on colonial state formation in British Malaya and the American Philippines. I have since branched out into three research areas: race and multiculturalism, postcolonialism and the politics of history and identity, and the cultural politics of global city making. Three forthcoming papers - Multicultural Carnivals and the Politics of the Spectacle in Global Singapore, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies; Oriental Purity: Postcolonial Discomfort and Asian Values, positions: east asia cultures critique; Walking the Global City: The Politics of Rhythm and Memory in Singapore, Space and Culture - are indicative of the three research areas and their intersections. I am currently writing a book on Heritage and the Cultural Politics of Reurbanization in Hong Kong, Penang, and Singapore. I am also interested in the sociology of religion, particularly Christianity in Hong Kong and Singapore, and environmental sociology, particularly on how social norms affects environmental behaviour and on the relationship between happiness and the environment. I am co-investigator in two research projects, on Urban Aspirations in Asian Cities and on Heritage Conservation in Queenstown, Singapore, and potentially in another research project on Climate Change and Happiness.


Office: AS1 03-23
Tel: 6516-5080
Email: socgohd@nus.edu.sg
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Recent Publications

(with Tim Bunnell) Urban Aspirations and Asian Cosmopolitanisms, Geoforum, 2012:43:1:1-3.

State Carnivals and the Subvention of Multiculturalism in Singapore, British Journal of Sociology, 2011:62:1:111-133.

Unofficial Contentions: The Postcoloniality of Straits Chinese Political Discourse in the Straits Settlements Legislative Council, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 2010:41:3:483-507.

Capital and the Transfiguring Monumentality of Raffles Hotel, Mobilities, 2010:5:2:175-95.

State and Social Christianity in Postcolonial Singapore, SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia, 2010:25:1:54-89.