Chua Hui Ching Emily

I recently completed a PhD in Anthropology (Social Cultural) at the University of California, Berkeley, where my research looked at news-production in contemporary China as an ethical question of how to write for and about society in the wake of a renounced revolutionary program. My broader research interests include journalism and other media practices, the limits of modern epistemology, histories of textuality, notions of the 'global', and the relation between contemporary China and America.


Office: AS1 04-23
Tel: 6516-3988

Recent Publications

2012           “Rethinking the Chinese Popular: Commercial and Technological Change in the News Media after Mao.” Berkeley Journal of Sociology, Vol. 56 (Fall 2012), Special Issue on “The Popular”.

2009           “The Good Book and the Good Life: Bestselling Biographies in China’s Economic Reform.” The China Quarterly (June 2009 No. 198).