Tan Ern Ser


Office: AS1 03-15
Tel: 6516-6062
Email: soctanes@nus.edu.sg
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Recent Publications

(With Wang Zhengxu), "Self-Expression, Asian Values and Democracy: East Asia in Global Perspective" in Russell J Dalton & Doh Chull Shin, eds., Citizens, Democracy and Markets around the Pacific Rim: Congruence Theory and Political Culture. Oxford: Oxford U Press, 2006.

"The Class Dimension in Singapore: Challenges and Implications for Social Policy" in Gillian Koh, ed., Singapore Perspectives 2005: People and Partnerships. Singapore: IPS/ Marshall Cavendish, 2005.

Does Class Matter? Social Stratification and Orientations in Singapore. Singapore: World Scientific, 2004.

"Balancing State Welfarism and Individual Responsibility: Singapore's CPF Model" in Catherine Jones Finer and Paul Smyth, eds., Social Policy and the Commonwealth: Prospects for Social Inclusion. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.

"Ethnic Relations in Singapore: Evidence from Survey Data" in Leo Suryadinata, ed. Ethnic Relations and Nation-Building in Southeast Asia. Singapore: ISEAS/ SSAS, 2004.