Faculty by Research Cluster: Anthropology

Indira Arumugam

Assistant Professor
PhD (Anthropology), LSE, 2012
Anthropology of India, Democracy and Political Ethics, Rituals and Hinduism, Kinship, Popular Culture

Chua Hui Ching Emily

Assistant Professor
PhD (Anthropology), UC Berkeley, 2013
China, Modernity, Textual and Ethical Traditions, History of Anthropological Thought

Andrew Marc Conroe

Assistant Professor; joint appointment with University Scholars Programme
PhD (Anthropology and History), Michigan, 2012
Violence, Memory/ Postmemory, Human Rights, Media, Indonesia

Saroja Devi D/O Neyson Doraira

Senior Lecturer
PhD (Anthropology), Harvard, 2002
Gender, Food, Conflict and Violence, Southeast Asia

Maribeth Erb

Associate Professor
PhD (Anthropology), SUNY Stony Brook, 1988
Tourism, Ritual and Personhood, Socio-Political Change, Indonesia

Ho Swee Lin

Assistant Professor
PhD (Anthropology), Oxford, 2009
Global Media & Finance, Popular Culture, Urban Space, Anthropology of Work

Ivan Kwek

PhD (Anthropology), SOAS, 2010
Media Practices, Politics of Belonging and Difference, Ethnic Identities, Malay Worlds


Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD (Anthropology), ANU, 2010
Transnationalism, Social Movements, Gender and Sexuality, Contemporary Chinese Societies

Vineeta Sinha

Professor; Head, South Asian Studies Programme
PhD (Anthropology), Johns Hopkins, 1995
Social Theory, Religion, Reading and Writing Ethnography, Political Economy of Health Care

Eric C. Thompson

Associate Professor
PhD (Anthropology), Washington, 2000
Gender Studies, Agrarian Transitions, Urbanism, Transnationalism

Tong Chee Kiong

PhD (Anthropology), Cornell, 1987
Chinese in Southeast Asia, Comparative Religious Systems, Chinese Business Firms

Roxana Waterson

Associate Professor
PhD (Social Anthropology), Cambridge, 1981
Ethnography of Indonesian Societies, Anthropology of Architecture, Life Histories, Social Memory