Faculty by Research Cluster: Comparative Historical Sociology

Syed Farid Alatas

Associate Professor; Head, Malay Studies Department
PhD (Sociology), Johns Hopkins, 1991
Philosophy of Social Science, Sociological Theory, Political Economy

Chua Beng Huat

Provost Chair Professor; Research Leader, Asia Research Institute
PhD (Sociology), York, 1971
Housing and Urban Studies, Cultural Studies in Asia, Comparative Politics in Southeast Asia

Feng Qiushi

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Duke, 2009
Aging, Medical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Demography

Kurtulus Gemici

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), UCLA, 2008
Power and Politics, Perspectives on State and Society, Economy and Society, Sociology of Finance

Daniel P.S. Goh

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), Michigan, 2005
State Formation, Cultural Studies, Urban Studies, Religion, Environmental Sociology

Jiwook Jung

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Harvard, 2011
Economic Sociology, Organizational Theory, Labor Markets, Business and Politics

Manjusha Nair

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Rutgers, 2011
Political Economy, Development, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Labour, India and China

Anne Raffin

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), New School, 2000
Modern Colonialism, Comparative Historical Sociology, Militarism, Ethnic relations, Education

Volker H. Schmidt

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), Bremen, 1995
Social Justice and Inequality, Social policy, Social theory, Globalization

Xu Xiaohong

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Yale, 2013
Power and Politics, Cultural Analysis, Organizational Theory, Socialism and Post-Socialism, China