Faculty by Research Cluster: Family, Demography, & Inequality

Angelique Chan

Associate Professor; joint appointment with Health Services and Systems Research, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
PhD (Sociology), UCLA, 1995
Aging and Demography, Program Impact Evaluation and Health of Older Persons

Vincent Chua

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Toronto, 2010
Personal Communities, Social capital and Inequality, Education

Feng Qiushi

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Duke, 2009
Aging, Medical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Comparative and Historical Sociology, Demography

Mu Zheng

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Michigan, 2013
Marriage and Family, Fertility, Ethnicity, Migration

Joonmo Son

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), Duke, 2008
Social capital, Volunteering, Health, Economic sociology, Stratification

Paulin Straughan

Associate Professor; Vice Dean of International Relations and Special Duties, FASS
PhD (Sociology), Virginia, 1990
Medical Sociology, Aging Studies, Work and Family, Organizational Behaviour

Tan Ern Ser

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), Cornell, 1988
Social Indicators, Ethnic Relations, National Identity, Industrial Relations, Social Stratification


Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Maryland, 2015
Demography, Life Course and Social Determinants of Health

Jean Wei-Jun Yeung

Provost's Chair Professor;Director, Center for Family and Population Research & Research Leader, Asia Research Institute
PhD (Sociology), Alberta, 1991
China’s Family and Demographic Transition, Intergenerational Studies, Social Inequality