Faculty by Research Cluster: Urban, Mobility, & Cultural Studies

Chua Beng Huat

Provost Chair Professor; Research Leader, Asia Research Institute
PhD (Sociology), York, 1971
Housing and Urban Studies, Cultural Studies in Asia, Comparative Politics in Southeast Asia

Mike Douglass

Professor; Research Leader, Asia Research Institute
PhD (Urban Planning), UCLA, 1982
Livable cities, Globalization and the city, international migration and the household, public and civic space

Narayanan Ganapathy

Associate Professor; Fellow, NUS Teaching Academy
PhD (Sociology), NUS, 2002
Deviance, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Sociology of Policing, Social Control and Punishment

Daniel P.S. Goh

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), Michigan, 2005
State Formation, Cultural Studies, Urban Studies, Religion, Environmental Sociology

Ho Kong Chong

Associate Professor; Vice Dean of Research, FASS
PhD (Sociology), Chicago, 1988
Urban Sociology, Youth and Society, Social Research Methods

Kim Sung Kyung

PhD (Sociology), University of Essex, 2006
Migration Studies, Cultural Mobility, Cultural Geography, Asian Popular Culture

Leong Wai Teng, Laurence

Senior Lecturer
PhD (Sociology), UC San Diego, 1990
Mass Media, Human Rights, Sexual Policies


Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD (Anthropology), ANU, 2010
Transnationalism, Social Movements, Gender and Sexuality, Contemporary Chinese Societies

Kelvin Low

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Bielefeld, 2009
Sociology of the Senses, Social Memory and Historiography, Everyday Life, Migration and Transnationalism

Volker H. Schmidt

Associate Professor
PhD (Sociology), Bremen, 1995
Social Justice and Inequality, Social policy, Social theory, Globalization

Eric C. Thompson

Associate Professor
PhD (Anthropology), Washington, 2000
Gender Studies, Agrarian Transitions, Urbanism, Transnationalism

Xu Xiaohong

Assistant Professor
PhD (Sociology), Yale, 2013
Power and Politics, Cultural Analysis, Organizational Theory, Socialism and Post-Socialism, China