Joonmo Son

Joonmo Son is a researcher in the areas of social capital (and social network), volunteering, and health and aging utilizing, whenever possible, statistical methods and comparative/historical scheme. After his undergraduate program at Korea University, he worked as a TV reporter for seven years (stimulated in part by his reading of Daniel Bell who lamented that sociologists tend not to know well how social world operates). Subsequently, he obtained his Ph.D. in sociology at Duke. Having begun his stint at NUS since 2008, he appreciates its diverse working environment that is significantly conducive to generating new ideas for his social research.


Office: AS1 04-24
Tel: 6516-6065
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Recent Publications

Son, Joonmo. 2013. Social Capital and Institutional Constraints: A Comparative Analysis of China, Taiwan, and the U.S. New York: Routledge.

Son, Joonmo and Nan Lin. 2012. "Network Diversity, Contact Diversity, and Status Attainment." Social Networks 34: 601-613.

Son, Joonmo and John Wilson. 2012. "Using Normative Theory to Explain the Effect of Religion and Education on Volunteering." Sociological Perspectives 55: 473-499.

Son, Joonmo and John Wilson. 2012. “Volunteer Work and Hedonic, Eudemonic, and Social Well-Being.” Sociological Forum 27: 658-681.

Son, Joonmo and John Wilson. 2011. “Generativity and Volunteering.” Sociological Forum 26: 644-667.