Ho Kong Chong

Ho Kong Chong is Associate Professor of Sociology and Vice Dean (Research) at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore. Trained as an urban sociologist at the University of Chicago, Dr Ho’s research interests are in the political economy of cities, urban communities, higher education, and youth. He is a board member of Research Committee 21 (Sociology of Urban and Regional, International Sociological Association) and an editorial board member of Pacific Affairs and the International Journal of Comparative Sociology. Kong Chong is co-author of City-States in the Global Economy: Industrial Restructuring in Hong Kong and Singapore (1997); Youth.sg: State of Youth in Singapore (2011) and co-editor of Service Industries, Cities and Development Trajectories in the Asia-Pacific (2005); Globalization, the City and Civil Society in Pacific Asia (2008), and New Economic Spaces in Asian Cities (2012).


Office: AS1 03-09
Tel: 6516-3836
Email: sochokc@nus.edu.sg
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