Kurtulus Gemici

I am a comparative-historical sociologist whose research interests include economic sociology, economic development, political sociology, and contentious politics. In addition, I have an ongoing interest in applying sociological theory to the study of economic life, and have published analyses on key issues such as embeddedness and markets in leading social science journals. Currently, my research focuses on two projects. The first project is concerned with the politics of international capital flows and capital mobility, and, more specifically, how emerging and developing countries respond to financial opening and market liberalization. The second project deals with the institutional foundations of money and credit, and, in particular, why and how new financial practices emerge and become legitimized in capital markets.


Office: AS1 03-25
Tel: 6516-4399
Email: sockg@nus.edu.sg
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Recent Publications

“Karl Polanyi and the Antinomies of Embeddedness,” Socio-Economic Review, 2008, 6(1), 5-33.

Articles on Capital Account Balance, International Capital Flows, Current Account, Foreign Exchange Reserves, Foreign Portfolio Investment, Chile in the Encyclopedia of Business in Today's World, 2009, ed. Charles Wankel, SAGE: London, UK

“Uncertainty, the Problem of Order, and Markets: A Critique of Beckert's The Social Order of Markets,” Theory & Society, 2012, 41(1), 107-118.

“Capital Account Liberalization," New Perspectives on Turkey, 2012, November.

“Social Origins of Financial Crises,” in A Tale of Two Crises, ed. Bhanoji Rao, Forthcoming, Routledge.