Mike Douglass

Mike Douglass is a Professor in Sociology with a joint appointment at the Asia Research Institute at NUS. He is Emeritus Professor and former Chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa where he as also the Director of the Globalization Research Center. He is Co-Editor of International Development Planning Review. He previously taught at the Institute of Social Studies (Netherlands) and at the School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia (U.K.). He has also been a Visiting Scholar/Professor at Thammasat University, Tokyo University, Stanford University, UCLA, and the Korean Research Institute for Human Settlements.


Office: AS1 #03-22
Tel: 6516-6409
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Recent Publications

Mike Douglass (2011), “Cross-Border Water Governance in Asia,” in Shabbir Cheema, ed., Cross-Border Governance in Asia and the Pacific (Tokyo: United Nations University Press, 122-168).

Mike Douglass, K.C. Ho and Giok-ling Ooi, eds. (2010), Globalization, the Rise of Civil Society and Civic Spaces in Pacific Asia Cities (London: Routledge) [soft cover edition].

Mike Douglass and Liling Huang (2010), “Globalizing the City in Southeast Asia: Utopia on the Urban Edge – the Case of Phu My Hung, Saigon,” in Ronan Paddison, Peter J. Marcotullio and Mike Douglass, eds., Connected Cities: Histories, Hinterlands, Hierarchies and Networks, Urban Studies, Economy, Volume III (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage), 287-319.

Amrita Daniere and Mike Douglass, eds. (2008), Building Urban Communities: The Politics of Civic Space in Asia (London: Routledge).

Gavin Jones and Mike Douglass, eds. (2008), The Rise of Mega-Urban Regions in Pacific Asia – Urban Dynamics in a Global Era (Singapore: Singapore University Press).